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Rhyme offers a wide-range of education solutions for our customers in K-12, college and community college, career education, and small-to-mid sized business training settings. From applications such as the Xerox Translator App to Mobile Printing to G Suite for Education Integration, we have the apps and solutions to simplify workflows for teachers, administrators, and students alike.

Apps Designed for Education


Orange checklist and pencil icon depicting Xerox Proofreader Service
Xerox Proofreader Service

In one simple operation, educators can scan papers to check for spelling and grammar while simultaneously reviewing for plagiarism.

Orange web page with a cursor on it depicting Automatic Grading
Automatic Grading

Connect to Gravic’s Remark Test Grading service from the MFP to print bubble tests and scan back in for instant results.

Orange printer with a sheet coming out of it depicting Blackboard and Moodle Apps
Blackboard and Moodle Apps

Scan hardcopy materials directly to a course folder with a simple tap and scan operation.

Orange pieces of paper with different language characters on them depicting Xerox Easy Translator Service
Xerox Easy Translator

Instantly translate documents into more than 40 languages to provide equal opportunities to students.

Aquos Collaboration Board displaying a presentation slide with an image of the Rosetta Stone on it

Goals for Education

Together we will work with you on the objectives you have set as an organization. Goals and objectives that we see often, and are experienced in addressing include:


  • Maximize investment in fleet technology by optimizing your print fleet (right-sizing and upgrading to more environmentally friendly devices)
  • Simplify support and end-user experience by standardizing the variety of printing device brands and models used
  • Utilize monthly volume and user data in a conscious effort to encourage responsible printing habits
  • Ability to scan files to Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and others with the increased use of Cloud-Based MFP apps
  • Support of Mobile-Print initiatives with ability to print from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebooks


Rhyme has experience in providing customized recommendations that incorporate aspects from: Student Management, Education Plans, Assessments, Attendance, Scheduling, Document Management and more.

Student having a video chat with their teacher for help on their homework


We offer a Certificate of Data Destruction ensuring all student, educator, and District data is non-retrievable. Our Security Features are in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and Common Criteria ISO 15408 EAL Level 3 status.

With Secure Authentication you have the ability to identify users and restrict access. This also gives you the ability to lock down protection on devices to ensure student information is kept safe and confidential. Included features will provide protected hard-disk drive content with password and encryption and encryption of scanned educational files, and PDF documents.

In addition to the security features on the devices, Rhyme can help deploy PaperCut, which allows you to take better control over your fleet. With Find-Me printing and Secure Print Release users print to a device and can walk up to any authorized MFP and securely release their jobs through authentication wherever its convenient.

Learn more about a PaperCut software solution >

Bringing Value to the Classroom

Rhyme has the ability to be creative when developing a custom solution for your organization. As mentioned previously, we work together, collaborating on this plan and will constantly be improving upon it.

Rhyme’s innovative print management solution maximizes the potential of your current print devices by providing proactive management and maintenance of service, supplies and hardware support. This technology will help you better manage the printers, copiers, fax machines and multi-function devices on your network, which will result in improved equipment health and fleet uptime.

Our Services Include:
  • Dedicated Help Desk
  • Unlimited Training
  • Client Reviews
  • Automatic Supplies Replenishment
  • Consolidation of Print Devices
  • Multi-vendor Printer Management
  • Mobility and Cloud Print
  • Device and Document Security
  • Workflow Automation



a process of continuous change from lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state; i.e. growth



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Chromebook Integration

Mobile devices being used for instructional purposes is very much the norm in today’s world. As a result, we have seen the need to be able to print without drivers and other software continue to grow. Our devices work with Chromebook environments, allowing staff and students to securely print from their favorite cloud storage, mobile devices, and Chromebooks from virtually anywhere.

Cloud & Mobile Printing

Through the cloud and email connect features on our multifunction products, organizations can seamlessly integrate their paper-based document workflows with popular cloud services. For optimal user experience, single-sign-on is supported. Users can login once and conveniently scan documents or access cloud-stored documents from the apps below, directly from the MFP.

  • OneDrive ® for Business
  • SharePoint ® Online
  • Google Drive™
  • Box™ (The connector is available through Sharp authorized dealers)
  • Dropbox (The connector is available through Sharp authorized dealers)
  • In addition, our equipment can print from iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices.


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