Rhyme Time

"Make Every Day Count"

Rhyme Time Scholarships & Donations

Rhyme created our charitable foundation called Rhyme Time in order to increase our ability to help others. The reason we chose Rhyme “Time” is because time is our most valued asset. We cherish our time and we cherish the opportunity we’ve been given to help others. Every year Rhyme gives out scholarships to students that have been touched by cancer. We do this in honor of Steve Ennis and Jack Steinhoff; two men that always represented Hard Work – Determination – Optimism and "Making Every Day Count”.

To-date we have awarded 49 scholarships and are looking to add more every year!

Every year an event is held in memory of Steve Ennis, a man who always put others needs before his own. He fought cancer for 27 months before it took his life, but not before he was able to instill his beliefs on his family, friends, and colleagues. The date of next year’s event is Saturday September 12th, 2020 at the Edgerton Towne Country Club.

Steve Ennis Memorial Golf Classic

Our 12th Annual event will be held at the Edgerton Towne Country Club on Saturday September 12th, 2020 with a shot-gun start at 11 a.m. For more information about our annual fundraiser, please visit the event page.

Polar Plunges & Special Events

In addition to our scholarship program, Rhyme is involved in many other community fundraising events to support individuals affected by cancer. We have hosted events for our employee's family and friends, and sponsor many other local events.

Scholarship Application Information

If you are a high school senior who plans to continue his/hers education, and have been affected by cancer in someway, whether yourself, a family member, or close friend, you are eligible to apply.

Contact: Kendall Steinhoff, Marketing Manager

Call 800-362-4333 or send us a quick email