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Coffee & Drink Containers

Coffee includes coffee grounds, K-Cups, coffee creamers, hot chocolate, sweeteners, and tea. Top brands include Coffee-mate, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Lipton, Swissmiss, and Tazo. Bottled water can be purchased individually, as a carton, or a pallet. Drink containers range from foam or paper hot cups to plastic party-style cups and even glassware, with a large selection of eco-friendly and compostable options.

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Cutlery, Plates, & Napkins

Cutlery includes plastic spoons, forks, and can be purchased as a variety. Heavy duty paper plates and napkins can also be purchased with Rhyme. Top brands include Boardwalk, Dart, and Dixie. Products can be purchased as packages, boxes, or cartons.

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Breakroom snacks

Snacks & Food 

Rhyme offers many different snack and food items including candy, microwavable foods, and snack variety packs. Our food and beverage offering is constantly expanding. We now offer a wide range of fresh foods such as fruit, bagels and yogurt. Keeping your breakroom stocked with essentials is a great way to improve company culture and keep your employees productive.

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Coffee Makers & Appliances

Rhyme offers many different appliances that are perfect to include in your breakroom such as coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and refrigerators. Top appliance brands include Avanti, Alera, Oster, and Bunn. Get in touch with Rhyme today to get the most out of your breakroom.

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Paper Products

Breakroom paper products include napkins, napkin dispensers, paper towels, and cups. Keep your breakroom stocked with all the paper essentials with top brands including Boardwalk, Dixie, and Tork. If you shop with Rhyme you’ll get next day delivery and free delivery on all orders over $50.

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