Sustainable Solutions

At Rhyme we know the importance of being environmentally friendly. Rhyme can provide your business with many different ways to be more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether it’s through better management of your printing and document imaging habits, or purchasing green products, we’ve got you covered. Discover how your organization can start to become more sustainable today.


Sustainable Office Solutions

Sustainability in Managed Print

Managing print habits is a great way to bring sustainability into your workplace. Managed print reduces overall paper & ink usage, reduces energy consumption, and reduces overall cost associated with printing. Energy consumption is typically something that many organizations don’t think about, and with managed print you don’t need to. Other ways print can be more sustainable include using recycled toner, implementing green print policies, and controlling who can print and when. If you want to see how your organization can be more sustainable with print, click the button below.




PaperCut offers powerful managed print software that not only introduces security and control into your print environment, but also promotes sustainability. PaperCut offers many great tools that allow you to better manage your printing habits, which results in less waste and a more sustainable environment. With features such as hold printing and real-time analytics and insights, PaperCut is able to eliminate uncollected documents and track who is printing the most, which gives you full control over your printing habits. Ultimately this reduces your costs and decreases energy consumption, a perfect solution for sustainability and performance.






PaperCut Grows Sustainability Program



PaperCut Grows

PaperCut Grows is a sustainability program created by PaperCut to help make printing essential documents more sustainable. PaperCut partners with non-profit tree planting organizations, and when you enroll in this program you can choose a global reforestation project to support. PaperCut then estimates how many pieces of paper you’re expected to print and converts that into a number of trees to be planted in that reforestation project, a simple yet impactful program for a small investment.


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Sustainable Office Products

Office products are made from many different materials, and many have adverse effects on the environment, however there are sustainable options available through Rhyme. An easy way to get started is to go to our ecommerce website, pick a category of products you're interested in, and filter the items by clicking the "Y" under the Green category. All of those items are made with environmentally friendly materials. Below are some examples of great places to start looking.



Breakroom Supplies

Instead of purchasing traditional plastic and Styrofoam products, consider purchasing plant-based and paper breakroom supplies that are recyclable. Rhyme offers many different sustainable breakroom supplies including disposable silverware, cups, plates, to-go containers, and more. Click the link below to shop for environmentally friendly breakroom supplies.


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Sustainable Breakroom Supplies



Sustainable Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Rhyme offers furniture solutions that meet sustainability needs with products that are made from environmentally friendly materials. A key part of your organization’s culture is the look and feel of your office, and sustainable furniture still maintains a great look. Other great ways to introduce sustainability into your organization are to use real plants as decoration and hang up wall art made from natural materials. Click the link below to learn more.


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