Interactive Display Systems

Sharp Aquos Board displaying the Rosetta Stone

Whether you are in a classroom or boardroom, Sharp has the tools to allow you to work more productively. With our award-winning 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays, you can find any size whiteboard for any size budget. Group collaborations are seamless and intuitive. Lectures, presentations and lessons are more creative and engaging.


Evolution of Sharp Touch Display Technology

4K Ultra-HD Resolution

Capture the fine details of still and video images, as well as small text and complex graphics. It’s an ideal large-scale monitor for professional use in a range of environments.


Pen-on-Paper Experience

When the tip of the touch pen glides across the screen it feels just like a pen on paper, giving a smooth and responsive digital ink experience.


Digital Signage

When not being used as a whiteboard, these AQUOS BOARD interactive displays work seamlessly as digital signage for retail space, hospitals, corporate facilities, and around campus.



Sharp Aquos Board drawing - the pen-on-paper experience

Wireless Connectivity

No need for tangled wires or adapters. Simply touch the screen and your portable Windows® or Android™ device will immediately download an app that lets it send images wirelessly to the monitor. Alternatively, front-facing inputs add connectivity convenience.

MFP Connectivity

Scanned documents can be imported directly to Sharp Pen Software from a compatible Sharp MFP. Onscreen image data, including written notes, can be sent to a PC for storage or to an MFP for printing.

Sharp wireless connectivity diagram

Employees working in a stress free workplace

Stress-Free Operation

The following items are built in, alleviating the need for an external PC:

Built-in Whiteboard: Take notes and create drawings instantly. Can also be used as digital signage when not being used as a whiteboard.

Built-in controller with IWB Launcher: When the main unit is started, the IWB Launcher is displayed automatically. Simply touch the icons on the desktop for instant access to the features you want to use.

Overlay Function: Annotate pictures and video to save and share.