Rhyme Device Management

Management Made Simple

Rhyme Device Management (RDM) is a powerful tool that takes the hassle out of managing your printing fleet. Device monitoring and usage data introduce higher security, efficiency, and productivity into your printing environment. Automatic supplies replenishment and 24/7 monitoring ensure you never run out of supplies or miss an update. Constant monitoring also allows our service staff to get to you faster when an issue occurs resulting in less downtime and loss of work. Let Rhyme manage your devices while you focus on what’s important: growing your business. 



Benefits of RDM


Automatic Toner Replenishment 

With RDM we constantly monitor your toner and supply levels, and automatically create an order and ship new supplies to you when you run low. This helps cut costs and boost productivity by no longer requiring you to hold a printing supply inventory, and by freeing up the time it takes to order new supplies. It also eliminates the risk of running out of toner or printing supplies unexpectedly. Save time, cut costs, and boost productivity today. Sign up for Auto Toner Replenishment today. 


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Automatic Toner Replenishment



Rhyme Device Management Reporting

Proactive Service 

Keeping your devices up to date with firmware and updates is an important step in maintaining security and reliability in your print environment. Network security is also a top priority and your printing devices can be a vulnerability if not updated regularly. Rhyme Device Management monitors your devices 24/7 and allows us to update your firmware when it's released ensuring security and reliability is met. RDM also lets our service department see device error messages and issues prior to being dispatched which significantly increases first-call efficiency and reduces overall downtime of devices that require service. 




Powerful Data & Analytics 

With RDM we can monitor device usage and display this information in simple to understand charts and tables. You get full access to see who is printing the most, how quickly supplies are being used, and more. This data and analysis show transparency in your printing environment and allows you to make better decisions about how you handle document management as a whole and whether certain device functions are needed or not. Get the full picture of your printing habits and see where you can cut costs with RDM. 

Rhyme Device Management Reporting

Our solution allows us to manage all manufacturers, over 25,000 different models in fact, so if you have a diverse print fleet, we can manage it. RDM is a powerful tool, offering data collection, supply triggered alerts, automated supplies fulfillment, and comprehensive reporting in real-time.


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