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About Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a national strategic action network driven by members aligned through shared ownership and a common vision to achieve a healthy and equitable society. Through collective actions it ensures policies and systems are in place to provide equal access and opportunity for health and well being, economic opportunity, educational success, and safety and resilience.


The goal for Alliance was to reduce print by 15% over the next 5 years and reduce the technology footprint. Alliance previously had 11 MFPs in their office. Rhyme had the plan to right-size the equipment to match usage and create a layout and plan that made sense for the office. Alliance also had an excess inventory of printing supplies, such as toner, so creating a better inventory management was also necessary. They also wanted to work with a vendor that was a true partner. A relationship where each help one another and rather than just selling something, they create solutions that work for your business.



Alliance previously struggled with maintenance of their machines, with a mail room copier breaking down frequently. Overall, they were engaging with a print environment that didn’t fit their needs.


Alliance needed a vendor that prioritized service, from the relationship with staff to maintenance of the equipment, they were experiencing long wait times for service and a lack of training and support.


As a non-profit, they were looking for a cost-saving solution to reduce price. Inefficiencies in equipment, cost-per-print, and being able to accurately bill to different cost-centers by department, were all important factors, contributing to high print costs.


"Rhyme is never a vendor we have to worry about. Whether we’re moving office locations, or considering new paths for technologies, or we just need support, Rhyme is always there as our partner." - Gwen Mueller, Director of IT

"No matter what it is, Rhyme staff is always on top of it. We feel we’re taken care of. From training to support, in person or on the phone, I’ve never had a problem working with anyone at Rhyme." - Audie Murphy, Support Services Technician

"Everything Rhyme promised at the start of the process they have followed through on, from top-tier service and support, to being a true partner that has been there for us throughout our time working together." - Heather Lukaszewski, Systems Administrator and Help Desk Supervisor



Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis requires the examination of administrative processes to identify whose involved, what role they play in the process, why they’re involved & where this information goes. Once the who, what, why & where are identified, the goal is to improve workflow & thus reduce expense by minimizing manpower involvement. This can only be accomplished with a fierce commitment to organizational improvement & this is the only way we can close the consumption gap between the technology we own & how well it’s utilized.


Right-size Equipment

Alliance went from 11 MFPs in their office down to only 4 MFPs, including a small production print unit in their mailroom. They now have the right amount of equipment to match their print output, with an intelligent design layout, that put the 4 MFPs in centrally-located areas.

PaperCut Software

Integrating PaperCut software created smarter print habits with users, with each able to see the cost-per-print before printing. All printers also default to black & white and duplex. Secure print is used, meaning print jobs are not released until user goes to pick it up, reducing waste and increasing security, no longer having sensitive information sitting at the printer. PaperCut has giving them great reporting insights into top users, most used machines, overall print costs and more. It has also made cost-accounting, billing to different departments, seamless.


Reduction in Print Costs

Alliance had an objective of reducing print by 15% over 5 years. This was surpassed with a 30% reduction in print by year 2.


The people at Alliance know, from their experience, when they need something, they don’t have to put a lot of effort into it and it will get done right the first time with Rhyme.


Rhyme provides regular maintenance to all the machines. Whether Alliance needs a last-minute toner delivery or help on the phone, maintenance has changed dramatically with the help of Rhyme.

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