Custom Solutions Tailored To You


At Rhyme we know that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we go the extra mile to customize our solutions to line up with your goals and your needs. We work together, collaborating on a plan designed to elevate your business, and work continuously to improve and adapt that plan as your business grows and your needs change.


Improve Your Workflows


Our Managed Services aim to streamline your print and IT operations with the goal of reducing costs and freeing up resources. We provide a single point of contact, increased efficiency for your networks, and visibility into your document output habits. From there, we use the best-in-class tools to generate a comprehensive understanding of your work environment – and identify where savings and improvements can be made.

Discover Rhyme managed services and optimize your workflows to save


Rhyme Managed IT solutions revolve around creating a partnership that is focused on you and your business goals. A single monthly fee brings on a full team of IT experts dedicated to making your business run smoothly and securely. Our managed IT solution is designed around issue avoidance and service optimization which results in a minimized risk of intrusion, data theft, and lost productivity.


Our Managed IT Services Can Help You:
  • Manage Expenses
  • Keep Private Data Secure
  • Avoid Cybersecurity Threats
  • Free Up Resources




Rhyme’s innovative print solutions maximize the potential of your current print devices with proactive management and maintenance. Our print solutions are designed to optimize your current print environment by removing unnecessary devices, monitoring print output, and increasing print security.


Our Managed Print Solutions Help You With:
  • Controlled Budget
  • Reduced energy use
  • Optimized efficiencies
  • Customized solutions





Rhyme Device Management, or RDM, takes the hassle out of managing your printing fleet though device monitoring and usage data. This results in higher security, increased efficiency, and quicker service when service is needed.


  • Automatic toner replenishment
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Higher first-call service efficiency
  • Powerful data analysis drives greater printer efficiency



Hear From Our Clients

Hear about Rhyme directly from some of our clients! Check out these case study videos and see how a solution from Rhyme can transform the way you work. If you want to see more case study videos, be sure to check out our Case Studies page where you can find plenty of testimonials from clients in many different industries. Also be sure to check out our Learning Hub to learn more about our solutions and how they can bring change to your organization today.