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About Landmark Services Cooperative

Landmark Services Cooperative is a member-owned agricultural organization, founded in 1933, with four primary lines of business: agronomy, grain, animal nutrition and energy. They offer full solutions to farmers and retail services with energy, liquid propane and convenience stores. They have more than 20 locations throughout South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.


Landmark previously had multiple vendors for workplace solutions, which made it challenging to coordinate service and delivery across all their locations. With multiple vendors also came many different makes and models of equipment, all under different maintenance agreements. This led to excess and wasted supplies, as well as 40-50 invoices for the CIO to review each month. Landmark needed one vendor that could service all locations and deliver the right technologies, all while consolidating costs with straight-forward maintenance expectations and supply management.


20 Locations to Manage

It was often difficult to coordinate service and delivery, as well as field help desk calls, across all twenty locations when they had to go through different vendors for each location.

Multiple Makes & Models

Having numerous models of devices made it difficult to keep an accurate inventory of supplies and keep track of the different service agreements for each.

Billing & Reporting

With multiple vendors, it was a lengthy process to go over monthly invoices from each and get reporting back for each device.


“Consolidating down to one vendor, Rhyme, from the four+ we previously had, streamlined so many processes: logistics, billing, repair, supplies. The biggest gain for us is having one place to call for everything we need.

- Peter Wolter, Systems Administrator


“The best part about Rhyme is the dedication to our partnership.”

- Don Schlising, Vice President – IT and Marketing

Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis requires the examination of administrative processes to identify whose involved, what role they play in the process, why they’re involved & where this information goes. Once the who, what, why & where are identified, the goal is to improve workflow & thus reduce expense by minimizing manpower involvement. This can only be accomplished with a fierce commitment to organizational improvement & this is the only way we can close the consumption gap between the technology we own & how well it’s utilized.

Rhyme took an inventory of all the equipment Landmark had, then assessed their needs and the different functionalities used at each location. By aligning the hardware with Landmark’s needs, they went from over 100 devices down to 77. Choosing a Xerox fleet, enabled streamlined processes for: Troubleshooting, Auto- Toner Order, Standardization for User and Web Interfaces and Print Drivers. Rhyme is the resource for all maintenance, service, questions and supplies.


First Step

Rhyme implemented a Xerox fleet that meets all of Landmark’s needs and varying functionality requirements for each location.

Next Phase

Rhyme manages maintenance and support across all locations for Landmark, including auto-toner order when low for all devices.


Decreased Number of Devices

By aligning the hardware with Landmark’s needs, they went from over 100 devices down to 77.

Consolidated Billing

The consolidated billing and reporting resulted in huge time saving gains, estimated at over $3,000 month in labor cost savings.

Streamlined Processes

Standardizing devices made the training process easier for users. Landmark can now grow with the technology and get the most value out of their investment. All users can contact Rhyme directly for any issues that arise and can be serviced by Rhyme rather than going through an internal help desk.

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