Digital Printing & Finishing 


Bring color printing and finishing in-house with a digital printing & finishing solution. Create vibrant, colorful, full-bleed business cards and booklets that appear professional with ease and stand out from the competition. Get the most out of your in-house printing with a digital printing & finishing solution with the Formax product line offered from Rhyme. 












Formax print samples



Color Printing & Color Management 

Color printers utilize the latest inkjet technology to print full color CMYK outputs at 1600 x 1600 dpi. Print at high speed and lower ink and maintenance costs with the ColorMax7 or ColorMax8 Digital Color Printer. Print labels up to 60 feet per minute with the ColorMaxLP2 Digital Color Label Printer. 

Formax ColorMax 8 Color Printer



Formax Cut-True 291 Cutter




Cut-True paper cutters bring precision and ease into any paper cutting job. A wide range of options are available from manual to fully automatic cutters as well as card cutters for smaller media such as business or index cards.  


Formax has several different solutions for document folding designed to meet your needs regardless of space availability or volume requirements. Choose between high or low-volume devices that offer high-performance folding. Tabletop or standalone units are available and each device has several different fold options. Rhyme can work with you to find a folder that best fits your needs and space requirements. 

Formax FD-3300 Folder



Formax Square iT booklet finisher



Booklet Finishers 

Formax booklet finishers are user friendly and provide professional looking squarebacked booklets that are stapled and folded. Process a wide range of booklet sizes and maintain a professional look with edge trimming. Squareback booklets lie flat which makes them easy to work with and allows for printing on the spine as well as simple packaging or storage. Choose between the Square iT or Square iT2 and bring the best out of your booklets.  


Joggers maintain print efficiency by aligning and drying documents, as well as reducing static electricity. Joggers allow documents to be fed through other document finishing devices accurately without reducing quality. Each jogger can hold a variety of document sizes and can change vibration speeds to handle many different print jobs. 

Formax FD 402 TA1 Jogger



Formax Atlas C150 Creaser



Creasers & Perforators 

Formax high-speed and multifunction creasers or perforators bring print finishing to the next level. These devices offer many different features that make high-speed production jobs simple and professionally finished. Multifunction devices allow for a wide variety of jobs to be completed at high or low volumes.  




Take advantage of a mailing solution that will simplify communication with customers. Rhyme offers mailing solutions that are accurate, speedy, and reliable that promote efficiency and effectiveness for your daily printing needs. Stand-out from your competition with full bleed, full color digital printing, and get the most out of your mailing environment.  




Choose from simple tabletop inserters to customizable high-volume inserters. Inserters are a great way to automate folding and inserting of documents to be mailed whether they contain sensitive information or not. There are several different solutions that Formax offers, and Rhyme can help you find exactly what you need. 



Formax 6306 Inserter



Formax FD 262 Tabber




Formax offers two different tabbers designed to quickly apply tabs to folded mail in accordance with USPS requirements for mailing and automation discounts. Choose between the single-head or double-head tabber with the key difference being versatility and efficiency. The double-head tabber is capable of applying tabs to opposite sides of mail pieces simultaneously. 

Envelope Openers & Sealers 

Open and seal mail as efficiently as possible with a Formax opener or sealer device. The FD 452 Envelope Opener is simple to use and maximizes productivity while opening mail. One side of the envelope gets slit open and the documents inside are left untouched. The FD 430 Envelope Sealer closes and seals envelopes in a single press. It’s capable of sealing 18,000 envelopes per hour. 

Formax FD-430 Envelope Opener and Sealer



Formax FD 4040 conveyor



Conveyors & Stackers 

The V-Stack36i is a vertical stacker designed to work with Formax pressure sealers. It’s capable of stacking up to 22 inches of folded documents per process in a neat vertical stack that’s easy to unload. It’s height adjustable to work with any of the different Formax pressure sealers. 


Choose between a cut-sheet or continuous form burster depending on volume requirements. The continuous form burster can process jobs at up to 500 feet per minute while still slitting, separating, and stacking forms. The cut-sheet burster is ideal for dealing with multiple forms printed on one page. 

Formax FD 550 continuous industrial burster



Pressure Sealers 


Ideal for a business of any size, pressure sealers are great for any document that can be printed on one piece of paper and mailed without an envelope, which saves time and money. Documents can be printed on a laser or impact printer and are brought to the sealer to be folded and securely sealed. Rhyme works with you to find a solution that best fits your needs whether that be a low volume, or production device. 



Formax FD 2096 High Volume Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2300 Production Pressure Sealer


Choose between low, mid, and high-volume pressure sealers designed to process pressure sensitive mailers. Formax offers several options in each tier of volume and Rhyme can work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs. 


Production sealers are designed to handle very high-volume jobs with ease and dependability. Formax offers three different production pressure sealer options which are capable of handling different volumes.  



Data Destruction Solutions 


Data protection is mandatory, and part of that is having a process of how data destruction is done. Destroying data securely is an important step in ensuring your and your customers’ data is handled properly, and the best way to do that is by destroying data at its source while maintaining complete control of the process. Rhyme offers many different Formax data destruction solutions including shredders, CD, DVD, and USB destruction, and specialty shredders.




Choose between deskside, office, industrial, or high security shredders to ensure data destruction is done properly and efficiently. Work with Rhyme to find a shredder that best fits your needs and stays in accordance with your data destruction policies.  



Formax 8300 HS shredder



Formax FD 87 plastic shredder



Specialty Shredders and Optical Media Destruction 

Formax offers several different specialty shredders including casino shredders, hard drive shredders, and the FD 87 Plasti Shredder. Each of these shredders is designed to handle specialty data destruction needs that may be out of the ordinary for some businesses. Each device operates conveniently, safely, and reliably. 



Greenwave Eco Friendly Solutions 

Create your own eco friendly packing materials out of corrugated shipping cartons with the Greenwave 410 or 430 Cardboard Perforator. These devices help you transition away from single-use plastic or foam packing materials by recycling any cardboard shipping cartons you have into high quality packing materials. 

Formax Greenwave 410 Cardboard Perforator



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