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Welcome to Rhyme's Video Library! Here you'll find our video content by topic and category ranging from videos that show who we are to some handy tips & tricks for everyday use. Whether you're here to learn about a particular product or service, or just to find out how to change the toner in your MFP, we've got tons of content for you.




Rhyme's Tips & Tricks series features short video guides that show you how to get the most out of your technology and help with everyday maintenance or tasks that help you save time and money, whether it's how to change the toner in your multifunction printer, or use voice commands to promote touch free printing.

How to Change Toner - Sharp

Learn how to change the toner cartridges in Sharp Model MFPs and printers.

How to Change Toner - Xerox

Learn how to change the toner cartridges in Xerox model MFPs and printers.

Cleaning the Slit Glass How-To

Learn how to clean the slit glass on MFPs, a very common service issue.

Alexa Voice Commands for MFPs

Learn how to use Alexa and voice commands to print from a Sharp device.

Sharp Advanced Series Overview

An advanced training on Sharp devices including MFPs and printers.



Gabi Voice for Xerox MFPs

Learn how to use Gabi and voice commands to print from a Xerox device.


Rhyme's Managed IT video series highlights the ins and outs of a managed IT solution. Here you can learn how to choose and IT provider, whether or not to insource or outsource your IT department, what the difference between a managed service and break/fix service is, and much more.

Joe Explains: What Are Managed IT Services

Learn about Managed IT solutions with Joe, Rhyme's expert on IT.

Joe Explains: IT Hardware Differences

Learn about the differences between renting and purchasing IT hardware.

IT With Jake: What Is An IT Assessment

Learn why IT Assessments are important and what kind of information is collected.




In Rhyme's Who We Are series, you get to know some of our staff, learn about our history, experience our events, and learn what it means to be a part of the Rhyme family.

Rhyme Time Scholarship Class of 2021

Learn about the Rhyme Time Scholarship, and see who the 2021 recipients were.

13th Annual Steve Ennis Golf Classic

Discover the Steve Ennis Memorial Golf Classic, a Rhyme fundraising event.

Rhyme History: What's in The Family Name

Dive into Rhyme's history and see how it's evolved from a drug store in 1886 to now.

Our Growth, Your Opportunity

Learn what it means to be a part of Rhyme's team, and more importantly, the Rhyme Family.

Meet the Team - Hogan Hughey

Meet one of Rhyme's client managers, Hogan Hughey. To meet our whole team, click here.

Customer Service is our Passion

Learn what it means to be a Rhyme customer, and how we work hard every day to ensure your success.