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About Golden House

Golden House is a comprehensive domestic violence program serving victims in Brown County. They help hundreds of people every year with counseling, advocacy, shelter and other services as their clients begin their journey of healing. Golden House's outreach and education programs reach thousands of students and adults, helping them understand the cycle of violence and the warning signs of domestic abuse.


The goal for Golden House was to find an affordable solution that solved their VPN issues so that employees out of the office have access to files and also needed an update in their technology and reliable service that was there for them when they needed to quickly resolve issues. 


VPN Reliability

Golden House has a staff that has an offsite office and it was always a challenge for those employees' to remote in and grab files.  


Golden House previously only had one IT volunteer. This offered limited time to support Golden House, leading to longer resolution times and a lack of all the necessary experience. 

Outdated Technology

The server was very slow and they needed updated computers to meet their needs as well. 


"Rhyme was already helping us with our phones, printers, and copiers, so when Rhyme came on board it has been amazing. Customer Service is awesome. I can just give them a call or email and they get back to me right away." - Cheeia Lo, Shelter Coordinator Golden House 

"I love working for Rhyme because we do truly believe in giving back to the community. It's a very strong passion that Rhyme has and I'm really grateful that Golden House shares those same values as well." - Gregg Bushner, Client Services Rhyme

Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis requires the examination of administrative processes to identify whose involved, what role they play in the process, why they’re involved & where this information goes. Once the who, what, why & where are identified, the goal is to improve workflow & thus reduce expense by minimizing manpower involvement. This can only be accomplished with a fierce commitment to organizational improvement & this is the only way we can close the consumption gap between the technology we own & how well it’s utilized.


Short & long-term plans

Rhyme did a thorough walk-through to get a sense of the current state of the IT infrastructure and then create a plan for a solution to Golden House's challenges. Rhyme created a short-term plan to tackle major pain points and get those resolved quickly and also more of a long-term plan to schedule out technology upgrades, such as replacing PC's. 


Total Office Solution

Rhyme now manages all of Golden House's technology. From the phone systems, Document Imaging, and now Managed IT, Golden House only has one place to call for support and office technology solutions. 


Rhyme's service is only a click or call away when Golden House needs. Whether they need help on the phone or in-person, service has changed dramatically with the help of Rhyme.

Speed & Reliability

Golden House employees in and out of the office now have quick access to all files through an improved VPN and server, along with updated technology that meets their needs. 

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