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About Janesville School District

The School District of Janesville has approximately 10,300 Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students served in its 21 schools. The district is the tenth largest school district in the State of Wisconsin. Janesville schools offer a full array of courses and activities from which students can learn and grow. The culture of our district places emphasis on student achievement, accepting and encouraging diversity, and fostering parent involvement.


When K-12 Schools work with vendors, they rely on them to bring new and innovative solutions to the table. Dr. Smiley said, “Together with Rhyme, we have developed a contemporary vision to move our District into the 21st Century with a comprehensive print/ copy/scan solution. Rhyme has made it possible for us to take advantage of today’s deployment practices.” There are so many opportunities to leverage print, copy, fax, and scan technologies, and today’s school environments require these technology-driven solutions to educate their youth in the best possible way.


Utilization Visibility

PaperCut is a powerful tool for capturing data to drive decision making. The District can now position devices in areas where they are fully-utilized.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Schools are now able to leverage their existing door fobs to control waste, unwanted print jobs, and address any confidentiality needs for faculty.

Device Performance

With brand new equipment operating in its optimal range, the District has fewer service requests and higher device uptime.


“We have counted on and been extremely happy over the years with the Service Team at Rhyme. Time after time they go the extra mile to make sure that everything is running smoothly. All the techs that work with us are very friendly and know their stuff! Their prompt service is such a blessing in our building where copying and printing is a high priority.” - Dr. Bob Smiley, Chief Information Officer

“By removing the old printers, which cost at least $.05 cents per page, we have been able to drive our printing costs down. The MFPs are incredibly cost-effective and efficient." - Dr. Bob Smiley, Chief Information Officer

Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis requires the examination of administrative processes to identify whose involved, what role they play in the process, why they’re involved & where this information goes. Once the who, what, why & where are identified, the goal is to improve workflow & thus reduce expense by minimizing manpower involvement. This can only be accomplished with a fierce commitment to organizational improvement & this is the only way we can close the consumption gap between the technology we own & how well it’s utilized.


Creating & Executing

The Implementation Plan was created with multiple, thorough -walkthroughs with the Rhyme Client Manager and Janesville School District staff. Once the plan was determined,  it was communicated and explained to staff and all schools, so everyone was aware of installation dates, time, etc. 

Right-size Equipment

The School District of Janesville was able to remove 463 old laser and inkjet printers from their fleet's footprint by carefully deploying properly sized and appropriately featured MFPs based on their usage data. With Rhyme's plan, they now have a total of 160 Devices across all locations, to match their print output, with an intelligent design layout, that put the equipment in centrally-located areas. At the High School, for example, more print areas are now available, that are optimized for the layout and needs of the students. 


Reduction in Print Costs

Janesville School District has reduced their print cost budget by 11.5%. 

Record of Performance

With regular client meetings, we review fleet performance and service quality. Over the last 12 months, the Janesville School District fleet has had 99.48% Machine Availability and 87.97% First Call Efficiency on service calls.


Rhyme provides regular maintenance to all the machines and has a 3.8 hour average response time on All Service Calls. The relationship between Janesville School District and Rhyme is longstanding, and out of all 27 Survey Responses submitted after service, Rhyme has 100% Net Promoter Score. 

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