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February 29, 2016 @ 12:00am

computer technology

Is technology at the top of your priority list? At Rhyme we help businesses develop their technology strategy, implement that strategy and then support it through its lifecycle. Our goal is to help your business grow by increasing profits and lowering risk. Evaluate these five risks to decide if your technology needs more attention.

Technology Costs

Five Risks of Outdated & Unsecured Technology

1. Lost or Stolen Data

What would happen if someone lost or gained access to your company’s critical information? Threats can include malware, hackers, internal employees and failures.

Managed iT Benefit: We can put together a comprehensive security and data protection solution to minimize these risks.

2. Unpredictable Budget

Are you frustrated with confusing invoices and big swings in your IT spending from month-to-month?

Managed iT Benefit: Our flat-fee maintenance program and quarterly reviews allows us to help you plan for all your technology expenses.

3. Large Recovery Costs

How long would it take, and what would it cost you to recover from equipment failure, an outage, or a disaster?

Managed iT Benefit: Redundant systems and testing processes ensure we can get you back to business quickly with minimal impact on your operations or bottom line.

4. More Downtime

Have you experienced slowness, technology that doesn’t work correctly, or unacceptable response times with your IT provider when you encounter issues?

Managed iT Benefit: Our live-answer Help Desk and Hardware Refreshment Plan improve efficiency and effectiveness, giving you back time and money.

5. Reputation Damage

What would your customers and internal employees think if you had a system failure and were unable to deliver on your commitment?

Managed iT Benefit: Proactive management and regular maintenance minimize the risk of an outage and provide everyone peace of mind that things will work.

It is not a question of “if something will go wrong?” It’s a question of “when will it go wrong?” How long will it be down? How much data will we need to re-enter? What processes will we use when it’s down? We take the time to define acceptable levels of data loss and downtime and help your business develop a plan to prevent data loss and ensure uptime.

A Managed iT program can help you in all these areas and more. Contact us to see how we can help you improve your business.

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