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March 15, 2021

Back to School Prep

As COVID-19 cases start to trickle downward across the country, more schools are reopening their doors for in-classroom learning, or an in-person/at-home hybrid model. To be fully prepared for when students and staff come back to the buildings, Rhyme has a variety of products to make those individuals safe and comfortable.

Not sure where to begin? Here are the things to consider when prepping any classroom in a COVID-impacted world.

  1. Space – First order of business should be making the physical space of the classroom suitable for in-person learning. This means having a collection of panels and safety barriers on hand if proper social distancing cannot be achieved between all students. Mobility in these kinds of protective furniture pieces are a huge plus, configuring them any which way in the classroom space for people to move easily.
  2. Protection – Wearable protection, such as face masks and shields, are so important for all individuals involved when in the classroom together. In addition to those products, extra storage containers, like bins or lockers, are a great way of keeping people’s things organized and separate from each other.
  3. Sanitation – This may be the most obvious, but having an array of cleaning supplies, from disinfectants to hand sanitizers to cleaning wipes and everything in between, is still very important. So many objects, from a dry erase marker to the chair of the desk next to them, are up for grabs and should be wiped down as soon as it contacts somebody.
  4. Communication – Any kind of signage with helpful messaging, safety tape to close off certain areas or floor tapes and signs to direct traffic and queues are not a bad touch either. Rhyme offers a wide variety of signs that appeal to both younger children and to all ages, encouraging the best social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing practices for when in the school building.

Contact us today to learn more and get your classroom prepped for students return. 

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