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June 25, 2019 @ 12:00am


Discover the benefits of a PDC System. Streamline cleaning with the power of professional chemicals in bottles with built in dispensing to make dilution simple, portable and affordable. Find it all at Shop.RhymeBiz.com!

A Portable Dilution Control System (PDC) is an easy to use system that automatically mixes the correct amount of concentrated chemicals with water all in a compact, easily transportable container. Simply connect to a water source to deliver accurate, cost-effective dilutions.

Boardwalk now offers this convenient system that makes dilution simple, portable and affordable. Get a professional clean with high performance and reliable results. The PDC’s give you the option to fill a spray bottle or mop bucket—all without any calculations or handling for dilution.https://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/BlogImages/pdc.png

PDC’s Available are:

  • All-Purpose
  • Glass
  • Neutral Floor
  • Degreaser
  • Coming soon: Neutral Disinfectant

PDC Benefits:

  • Quick and easy dispensing
  • Go-anywhere convenience
  • Cost-effective professional cleaning
  • 30% Savings compared to ready to use products
  • Safe handling and dispensing of chemicals
  • No expensive cabinets to install or maintain

Watch the video below to see the new Portable Dilution Control system in action.



Shop all Portable Dilution Control systems from Boardwalk at Shop.RhymeBiz.com.

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