Independence Day Special 2020’s history is full of women and men that sacrificed everything to found this country, protect this country and make America the country it is. This includes many past and present Rhyme employees, family members, ancestors and friends. 

Although July 4th, 1776 is recognized as the date America was born, the Revolutionary War went on for 7 more years until Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris recognizing America’s independence on September 3rd, 1783.

July 4th, 1776 is recognized as the date that our country declared independence from Great Britain when 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence and in doing so, sacrificed everything they had to support the United States of America becoming a free country.

Since the Revolutionary War, the United States of America has been involved in 28 Wars, 6 of which are still considered active, so fighting for our freedom will never be done and we all need to continue to support and thank all the brave women and men that make these sacrifices for us.

We are grateful for this day and the freedom it has given us. This freedom has allowed us to continue growing year after year, not only as a company, but in growing opportunities for employees and support across the communities we live and work in.

What Does Our Growth & Success Look Like?

Rhyme has chosen to support programs in our communities that serve to educate adults and youth, such as the Racial Equity Program at the YWCA and Youth Mentoring at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“It starts with our youth, and giving them a chance to Dream, Believe and Do is something they all deserve. I know many of our people coach, tutor, encourage and help kids dream for something better but there’s always room to do more, so keep your eyes open, look for a chance to help and then DO IT.”

 -Mike Steinhoff, President 

In effort to show our support for gender and racial equality, Rhyme has donated $5,000.00 to help area organizations work in these areas (listed below).

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County (Madison)
  2. Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club
  3. United Way Blackhawk Region (Janesville)
  4. YWCA of Wausau
  5. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin (Green Bay)

Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance for happiness in America, and the world.

Rhyme Time Scholarships & Community Involvement

Every summer Rhyme hosts the Steve Ennis Memorial Golf Classic to raise funds for scholarships awarded to high school seniors affected by cancer. Please join us on Saturday, September 12th at the Edgerton Towne Country Club for our 12th Annual Event! This year we awarded 11 scholarships, bringing our total to 60 scholarships in the past 11 years! This year’s Scholarship recipients include:

  • Maggie Kafar — Boscobel High School
  • Breana Sendelbach — Evansville High School
  • Ethan Swanson — Evansville High School
  • Lauren Glissendorf — Janesville Craig High School
  • Henry Harrison — Janesville Craig High School
  • Dylan Green — Lodi High School
  • Daesha Romero — Madison East High School
  • Shay Anderson — Milton High School
  • Megan Wunschel — Monroe High School
  • Divya VanPietersom — Portage High School
  • Logan Carlson — Portage High School

Lee Lake Polar Bear Plunge 2020

Saturday, February 29th was the 20th annual Lee Lake Polar Bear Plunge in Cazenovia, Wisconsin. The Polar Plunge benefits the American Cancer Society and G.R.A.C.E. (Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination). This year, the event raised over $33,000 in total—our Rhyme group raising over $3,000 of that from pledges. The Rhyme Time group has now raised over $63,000 in the 11 years we've participated.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

Rhyme has added four new people to the team in the first half of 2020 and are looking to fill multiple positions in both our sales and IT departments. Every year we are determined to get better at what we do and develop our knowledge and skills in order to better serve our customers. We are always looking to add good people to our team, if you or someone you know is interested, contact us or learn more on our Careers Page!

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