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January 25, 2021 @ 12:00am

Office Meeting

Businesses today require more work in less time with fewer resources. But fortunately, with smart office technology employees can work smarter and more productively, and not cut into valuable family time. Smart offices are an opportunity to improve production, employee morale and provide a competitive edge for your business.

Smart office tools can include video conferencing, meeting rooms that enable better space utilization, and data analytics to provide insight into how different office spaces are being used.  It also can include voice activated multifunction printers, enabled with an Amazon Alexa.  Smart office technology can be used in a variety of ways to help employees do their best work.

Don't face these changes alone. With all the benefits a smart office can bring to your business and staff, the first step is conducting a smart office assessment.

A smart office assessment can help you protect staff, enable collaboration among a hybrid workforce, reduce expenses and secure your IT infrastructure. 

Here are the top 5 benefits:

  1. Employee Safety: Identify methods to automate health screening and reporting, and limit staff/visitor exposure with an improved reception experience. 
  2. Strengthen Security: Pinpoint network vulnerabilities to prevent unauthorized access and data loss and receive your Network Risk Score.
  3. Boost Collaboration: Uncover opportunities to improve the way hybrid workers communicate, conduct meetings and share information, whether in or out of the office.
  4. Improve Cost & Efficiency: Reveal your total cost of printing and ways to save by right-sizing your fleet of copiers and printers, consolidating vendors and curbing excessive printing.
  5. Digitize Processes: Discover how to improve access to shared documents. Automate workflows to reduce hand-offs, eliminate manual data entry and minimize errors.

Contact the experts at Rhyme for an assessment today.

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