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October 30, 2020 @ 12:00am

Xerox Availability App

Our customers continue to adapt to a “new normal” for the work environment and have to find creative ways to accommodate occupancy restrictions by going to staggered shifts or possibly allowing working from a home or remote office. This can cause challenges in knowing easily how many staff are available and where they are.

Rhyme can provide a more effective way to track employee attendance and location of their staff.

COVID Safe Workplace

When planning to bring workers back, employers may struggle to:

  • Use real-time data about employee status and work intentions
  • Communicate best instructions to employees before they return
  • Anticipate operational safety issues when employees are back

Have you thought about the return to work workplace planning?

How do you ensure a safe place to work in a changing environment?

How will your employees communicate their desire to come in to the workplace?

How will you manage your communications with your employees?

With the Xerox Team Availability Application you can:

  1. Let staff indicate where and when they are going to work.
  2. Help you check if floors have capacity and plan best instructions
  3. Allow staff to indicate their health status in real time from any deviceXerox Availability App Interface

Rhyme and our partners help companies to bring employees back to the workplace safely and effectively.

Xerox® Team Availability App enables a real-time overview of the availability and work location for all of your employees.

It is a secure application, fast to deploy, with no complex I.T. changes required to your existing systems, nor financial investment in infrastructure.

You can implement Xerox Team Availability Application in hours, not weeks.

WHO?       Simplified self onboarding capability for all staff

WHAT?       Enable staff to easily log their intentions to attend work

WHY?       Keep track of your workforce availability in real time

WHEN?       At any time:  add locations and statuses, then track

WHERE?       All types of organizations, even the most demanding

HOW?       Advanced dashboard and reporting with export capability

Secure, Private, and Compliant.

Xerox Security

  • Private URL – web traffic protected by RSA Encryption and SHA-256
  • Secure database instance
  • Database protected with real-time encryption / decryption
  • Associated back-ups and transaction log files
  • Self-administrative features to self-manage data access
  • Protection with Xerox privacy agreement
  • GDPR compliant

Contact Rhyme today to gain More Insight to Your Return-to-Work Program.

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