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November 05, 2019 @ 12:00am


If you’re responsible for your company’s IT, you might be surprised by the impact document-based processes have on your day-to-day operations.

On average, printing and document management represent 15% of an SMB’s overall IT budget and accounts for at least 12% of IT resources.

That’s a big chunk of your budget that could be used in more strategic places. When you get document management right, there’s less strain on your time and resources, and information can flow through your organization in a smooth predictable way.

Most IT leaders are around 70% off in their estimations of the number of printers spread across their companies.

To optimize your print environment, you have to start by assessing its scope.

That means looking at:

  • The number of printers in current use
  • The number of different brands of printers
  • The number of users per printer
  • The number of users who need color
    printing to do their job
  • The number of users and departments that
    need access to private printers
  • The number of shared or central printers required
    to serve the rest of your users
  • The location of various printers in relation to https://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/BlogImages/coins.jpgthe location of the people using those printers

Three aspects of an intelligent print environment

  1. Efficiency – Return on Investment in your print infrastructure means not over-spending on supplies and printers, and the printers and supplies you do have are not under-utilized.https://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/BlogImages/cloud.jpg
  2. Make it easy for users – What is the ease with which users can connect to systems? Theyshould be able to connect those printers to mobile devices or cloud apps, so that information can flow easily between devices and system.
    1. Cloud and mobile connectivity
    2. Automated workflowshttps://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/BlogImages/connect.jpg
  3. Make it easy for yourself – 40-60% of help desk calls are print-related. Making your print environment easier to manage maximizes Return on Effort and increases IT’s own productivity

https://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/BlogImages/headset.jpgFor even more information optimizing your print environment, download the free eBook and reach out to Rhyme for any and all questions you have. We’re here to help!

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